Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 20
2014-03-21 発行

社会科教師はどのようなカリキュラムデザインが可能か : 歴史学習材の開発と活用の事例研究

The Possibility of the Curriculum Designs implemented by the Social Studies Teachers : A Case Study on the Development and Application of the History Resource Book
Osaka, Yu
Seto, Koki
Taguchi, Toshio
Nakayama, Akane
Nishimura, Shotaro
Yoshii, Motofumi
The purposes of this paper are to describe the curriculum designs implemented by the four Social Studies teachers in the same school but from the different background, and to explain the reasons why they showed the various designs, even though they are requested to apply the common history resource book into the regular classes.

The present results suggested that the ideas and aims concerning the subject which each Social Studies teacher conceived had much influences on the differentiation of their practices, but their experiences of the professional development on the curriculum and instruction, the orientation of the school management, and the leadership demonstrated by the principal had more influences on the assimilation of their attitude toward the class improvement, particularly in the case of sampled teachers and school.