Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 20
2014-03-21 発行


Making and using of two types of the simple magnifying projectors
Saiga, Daisuke
Maga, Ayane
Tokizawa, Mika
Magnifying equipment is the basic tool for experiments of science classes. In the present study, two types of handmade magnifying projectors were developed. They were the non-screen type and the built-in screen type. Most of the materials of these projectors were obtained from the super-market or the Do-it-yourself stores. Lenses used for these tools were objective lenses and eye lenses of the common light microscope. The built-in screen type projector was used in the science class of the 1st grade of the junior high school. As the result, all students had actively observed crystals of the sodium chloride and the alum. This suggests that the handmade simple magnifying projectors were very effective for the student's activities in the science classes.