Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 20
2014-03-21 発行

地質野外実習プログラムの考察とその成果 : 火成岩の種類と産状に着目して

Consideration of a Field Work Training Program for Understanding of a Formation Process of Igneous Rocks and Effect on Topography
In junior high school, there is learning to observe igneous rocks such as plutonic and volcanic rock. It is necessary for students to understand that difference in texture of igneous rocks are derived from differences in formation process between plutonic and volcanic rocks. Through the observation of igneous rocks, students will be required to increase awareness of the various natural phenomena and topography are formed by various igneous activity. Students of science teacher training course have knowledge about classification method of igneous rocks, intrusive rocks already, however many students can't identify rocks at the outcrops. As many igneous rocks show many varieties, it's necessary to learn these rocks with field observation as well as textbooks. For university students of training teachers, we have developed a training program for learning and understanding of igneous rocks, selecting most suitable sites for this purpose.