Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 20
2014-03-21 発行

中学校技術科の教師用指導書に記載される学習活動の分析 : 内容構成に基づく授業展開と技術的素養を育成する学習場面

An Analysis of Learning Activities in a Technology Education Textbook for Teachers : Learning Process Based on Contents Framework and Learning Scene to Develop Technological Literacy
Hamamoto, Kengo
Oguri, Takenori
This study analyzed the learning activities in a textbook on technology education for teachers, in order to examine the learning processes and learning scenes detailed therein. Results of analyzing learning process, primary learning activity found each contents framework. Other learning activities designated to be related to complementary in learning process. Results of analyzing learning scene, 14 learning scenes, among them "Scene to recognize the impact on social life and progress of technology" and "Scene to devise methods and procedures for proper results," could be identified through the classification of the learning activities.
teachers' textbook
learning process
leavening scene
technological literacy