Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 20
2014-03-21 発行

概説科目におけるレポート課題の基盤知識形成効果の検証 : 法律学概説の講義体験と成績分布から

The Verification of Some Effects of Written Assignments on Realization of Baseline Knowledge in a General and Comprehensive Subject : From My Educational Experiences and the Statistical Analysis of Performances in the Introduction to Jurisprudence at College
My lecture on law seeks to instill some basic ideas of Jurisprudence into fresh persons at college. For 14 years I have given them homework in order to secure their spontaneous learning actions in double times longer periods than their listening to my talk in classroom. But their performances always were fairly lower than I had expected, and so I tried to check the relationship between their scores of two reporting tasks and in final examination and to find the parts of the process in which they would realize the learning contents. As a result, the assumed connection between such assignments and understandings significantly faded away last academic year, partly because many ambitious students had focused too much attention on the details of legal cases and/or the application area without deliberate reflection upon several basic ideas and their conceptions in this field. I will, therefore, initiate the importance of fundamental terms (justice, democracy, constitutionalism, and etc.) and their definitions again in a way that students can develop a solid base of this discipline, although I am also apt to introduce such newest information and applied skills as to cultivate their greater interests in our rule of law.