Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行


Fixation of Basic Knowledge on the Home Economics (Dietary Life) for the Students of the Department of Education for Elementary School
We made a thorough examination of inquiry to the students to study how far they had acquired knowledge for the basic idea of nutrition and dietary life. This study was made for the freshman of 131 students ( male 57 and female 74 ) who enrolled for the elementary school education in the university. For the function of nutrient, processed food and display of food items, students knowledge showed good understanding to the degree of 90% correct answers, while knowledge for the classifications of food items and for the inquiry of one's daily work of food related practice like selection of food items to compensate sufficient nutrition from the food menu showed poor mark of less than 70% of understanding. As we looked at the rate of correct answers for the question of those inquiries between male students and female students, significant differences were not noticed, which showed coeducation for elementary school education resulted good outcome.