Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行


A Case Study of Science Education Support in Cambodia
This study aimed to provide PTTC science teachers and neighboring elementary school teachers with guidance concerning lesson study through a Cambodian reconstruction assistance project carried out by Hiroshima Prefecture and clarify the effects of such guidance.

More specifically, guidance with regards to science lesson structure, the development of teaching materials and how to hold lesson study meetings, etc. was provided through two lesson study meetings and consultation both before and after said meetings with PTTC science teachers and neighboring elementary school teachers. As a result, PTTC science teachers were able to research teaching materials and conduct mock lessons, etc. in advance, allowing them to create lesson proposals that could serve as a model for neighboring elementary school teachers. PTTC science teachers were also able to strengthen their awareness of their leadership in the region and play a central role in lesson study with neighboring elementary school teachers. In addition, neighboring elementary school teachers examined and modified the teaching plans and teaching materials that were created in groups and then conducted their actual lessons, allowing them to acquire a cooperative method of lesson study based on the established perspective.