Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行

地域に向けた特別支援教育に関する情報提供 : 小学校および市町村教育委員会のWebサイトに掲載されている情報について

Information Provision Regarding Japanese Special Needs Education to the Community Residents : Information on the Website of the Local Elementary Schools and the Educational Boards of Cities and Towns
Watase, Haruka
In 2012, Japanese Central Education Council published the new report of special needs education (SNE) including the concept of inclusive education. In the report, the importance of the provision of SNE information to the parents and the community residents was pointed out. At the introductory stage, they frequently might acquire the information from the websites of the schools and the educational boards in their districts. We investigated the information of the websites of 432 elementary schools that have special classes and/or resource rooms, and 23 educational boards in X prefecture. Fewer than half the number of school websites provided the information of such educational facilities. Especially, only about thirteen percent of the sites were showing the acceptable kinds of disabilities. On the websites of the educational boards, only twenty-six percent included the information of the local schools that have SNE classes or staffs. In order to match the needs of the parents, it was suggested that the contents of SNE should be added more to the websites for the parents who especially have preschool child.