Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行

インクルーシブ教育における小学校家庭科の栄養教育プログラムの検討 : 発達障害児の学習過程の分析から

Research and Study on the Nutrition Education Programs for the Homemaking in Elementary School of the Inclusive Education : Analysis of Learning Process of Child with Developmental Disabilities
Yamasaki, Yuko
This study developed and practiced classroom model for the Nutrition Education of the Homemaking in Elementary School from the viewpoint of receiving Inclusive Education, especially analyzing the procedure of lessons for the child Mr. A. with developmental disabilities. Subject of our investigation included 5th graders of the elementary school (34 children) and one child Mr. A. with developmental disabilities.
The result of our study is as follows:
1. By analyzing Mr. A's personality and to call his attention, we created the class to have him come up with visual materials.
2. We made a comparison before and after the Unit, the study of food item selection behavior, and found out that most of the children of the class showed correct answers of increased number of items, while Mr. A showed poor mark on the test of behavior of choosing foodstuff among many, notwithstanding of the fact that he showed good result on the test of knowledge for the classification of foodstuffs.
3. When we analyze Mr. A's learning process, we found out that regarding the environment before Mr. A's behavioral mood in the class that arouse in the class, and teachers reaction to it after Mr. A's behavior showed relation of negative spiral.