Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行

美的知覚力を高める図画工作科の鑑賞題材に関する研究開発 : ケッタリング・プロジェクトと美的知覚(Aesthetic Eye)プロジェクトのコンセプトを基に

Research Development of an Art Appreciation Unit of the Arts and Crafts to Develop Children's Aesthetic Perception : Based on the Concepts of the Kettering Project and the Aesthetic Eye Project
Aoyama, Masue
A model unit of art appreciation for elementary school children is developed based on the key concepts used in the Stanford's Kettering Project and the Aesthetic Eye Project. Such a unit sets up the concept and the principle from the tradition of visual arts that children should understand in order to produce their own art in a creative way. The organization of the lessons correlates art appreciation with art production in such a way that children enhance the aesthetic perception in the process of applying the concept and the principle to their own creative process and that they can look at art through an eye of the artist. The qualitative study was conducted to measure the effectiveness of such a unit with the eighteen 6th graders in a public school. Harry S. Broudy's theory of aesthetic education is used to analyze children's aesthetic perception. The study finds that this type of unit effectively develops the aesthetic perception of children.