Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行

米国における教育委員会による貧困層への支援に関する一考察 : Specialized High Schools Institute(SHSI) の視察から

A Support Program for poverty group by Department of Education in USA : From inspection of Specialized High Schools Institute
Nakamura, Takashi
Edahiro, Kazunori
Nagae, Ayako
Yamasaki, Akane
The present study aimed to report the inspection of a support program in US by Department of Education in New York that focused on children in poverty group family to pass high school entrance examination and in order to break a cycle of poverty. We leant 3 things, 1) new programs in Hiroshima city and New York city both had possibility to break the cycle of poverty while ordinal programs done by government were just enough for keeping up, 2) the program in NY ensured quality by collaboration between Department of Education and some companies 3) data which shows clear result must be necessary to claim fond for the program.