Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行

ユースサービスと居場所 : アメリカのユースサービスの実際と日本のユースサービスの実際との比較

Youth Service and "Ibasho" : Practice of Youth Service in US and Japan
Edahiro, Kazunori
Nakamura, Takashi
Yamasaki, Akane
Nagae, Ayako
US has unique Youth Service systems. This paper introduces the systems and programs of Youth Service based on the inspection of The Door, and supplies the Point of View to Japanese education. In US very big issue is income inequality. Health and social problem are closely related to inequality within rich countries. The Door's mission is to empower young people to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment. Each year The Door serves more than 11,000 young people from all over New York City, with a wide range of services including reproductive health care and education, mental health counseling and crisis assistance, legal assistance, GED and ESOL classes, tutoring and homework help, college preparation services, career development, job training and placement, supportive housing, sports and recreational activities, arts, and nutritious meals - all for free, completely confidentially, and under one roof. Thus, in US diverse programs were very impressive and they give Japanese education a lot of suggestions.