Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 19
2013-03-21 発行

計算に苦手意識のある児童に対する認知カウンセリング : 教科書を活かし,覚えた九九を“使う"ことを契機として

A cognitive counseling for a child is weak in calculation by using textbooks and memorized multiplication
Nakamura, Ryo
This paper is a case report for a child who is weak in calculation by cognitive counseling. The first author instructed an elementary school 6th grader in calculation. The boy had roughly memorized multiplication table, but he had been tired of learning it at the special support class in his school. And he could not divide. First, the counselor checked his understanding the meaning of multiplication. Next, he learned story problems of multiplication and he tried to learn division. To improve his ability at multiplication and his motivation, the counselor adopted a game with multiplication, too. During instruction, textbooks for arithmetic were used. The result of these instructions, he improved his motivation and he was able to divide. The present case report suggest a validity to use textbooks for cognitive counseling.