Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 18
2012-03-20 発行


Fundamental Study on What Learning for Qualification Means to Students at a Technical High School
Yamaji, Manami
The present study aims to examine what learning for qualification means to students at a technical high school. We investigated their learning methods and then their learning beliefs and strategies using an inventory set, which was referenced by Ueki (2002). The result showed that the main learning methods for qualification were school lessons and supplementary lectures. In addition, students learn independently at school and at home. Meaning of learning for qualification was supposed that not only evaluate about success or failure of examination, but also reconfirm the meaning of learning itself and learning processes. The results indicated that students who learned at school and through private study at home changed their perception of learning strategies in order to promote self-monitoring and enforce the association of knowledge. Students' who mean the learning of qualification to complete the project and value of learning itself will change view of learning to think that learning quantity is important factor.