Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 18
2012-03-20 発行

生徒の学習に対する必要性の認識に関する事例的研究 : 高等学校化学における実践を例にして

A Case Study on Students' Recognition of the Need to Learn : On the Case of the Practice about the High School Chemistry
Morita, Shinya
The purpose of this study is to create teaching method which improves students' recognition of the need to learn chemistry in high schools and to verify the effect of the method. To achieve this aim, I have created lessons where students can experience interactions between what they are leaning and things in their daily lives, so as to encourage students to make associations between them. And in order to examine the effect of the lessons, I conducted them for 10 high school students (3rd grade) on the topic of "compounds which contain functional groups in organic compounds." Based on the analysis of the questionnaire given to the students, and their descriptions on the worksheets, we can conclude that the lessons helped the students recognize the need to learn chemistry.