Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 18
2012-03-20 発行

国語教科書における写真教材の研究 : 『小学国語読本』のばあい

A study of photographs as teaching material in a Japanese language textbook : in the case of "SHOUGAKU KOKUGO TOKUHON"
Sunagawa, Seiji
In this study, I clarified the positioning of the photographs in the experience to read "SHOUGAKU KOKUGO TOKUHON" which is the textbook which photographs were printed on in Japanese language textbook for the first time. The photographs were not a technically high quality thing, but the experience to read a textbook became rich. It changes with positioning of experience which looks at a photograph. For example, the photographs of "Tokyo" has possibility to allow a learner do complicated different experience, or the photographs of "Inu No Tegara" is given meaning to variously by being united with a reading of the text. After "SHOUGAKU KOKUGO TOKUHON" publication, it was with an important element of one which controlled the experience that it read a textbook what kind of photographs got into the textbook and how it had been treated.