Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 18
2012-03-20 発行


Education to Promote Peaceful Relationships in Schools in the UK
Sakade, Noriko
This article examines the current practice of education to promote peaceful relationships in schools in the UK, and how it responds to the issues of bullying, violence and conflict occurring in the playground and classroom. By drawing on the study of an existing project in schools in England, it investigates the principles and practice of the initiative as well as its impact, and identifies some factors which can either promote or undermine its effective and sustainable practice in schools. The project mainly aims to nurture children's social skills, self-confidence and emotional literacy, with a view to enabling them to resolve conflict in nonviolent and constructive ways. While the findings suggest its positive effects that the project has had on children, there are some challenges in implementing its practice in the context of schooling.