Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 18
2012-03-20 発行

オーストラリアの生徒指導と教育相談 : オーストラリア・メルボルン視察から

Educational counseling and Guidance counseling in Australia Inspection of Melbourne
Edahiro, Kazunori
Nagae, Ayako
Nakamura, Takashi
Yamasaki, Akane
Australia has unique educational systems. This paper introduces educational systems and programs, therefore, supplies the Point of View to Japanese education.

In Australia very big issue is income inequality. Health and social problem are closely related to inequality within rich countries. Therefore, in Australia educational notice is also wellbeing. For example, in The Catholic Education Office Melbourne The wellbeing landscape of the Catholic school incorporates all aspects of school community life from students' physical, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and development to the safe and supportive environment in which they learn. The Catholic Education Office Melbourne sees wellbeing as fundamental to successful learning. Children and young people who are happy, confident and able to establish meaningful relationships are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes. The Catholic school environment must provide a safe and effective environment that contributes to positive learning outcomes and the wellbeing of students, staff and the broader community.

Thus, in Australia diverse programs has been. There are very impressive and they give Japanese education a lot of suggestions.