Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 17
2011-03-20 発行

体育授業の悩み事に関する調査研究(その2) : 悩み事の解決方法を中心として

A study on the difficulties of teaching in physical education (Part II) : Focusing on the way to solve the difficulties
Kadomoto, Hitoshi
Matsuda, Yasusada
Tokunaga, Ryuji
Hayashi, Toshio
Murai, Jun
Kakazu, Kengo
The purpose of this paper is to grasp the actual situation that what kinds of ways the elementary school teachers take to solve difficulties in teaching physical education class, and what kinds of ways they demand for the solution of the difficulties, and then to examine effective supports for the solution of the difficulties.

We performed inventory survey for 348 primary school teachers. The investigation objects were divided into four groups according to two attributes which were consisted of "the curriculum coordinator of physical education" and "those who study about physical education". As a result, it was suggested these two following points.

1. It is considered that the organization of the in-service training about physical education in their school is an effective way to solve the difficulties of teaching physical education class for various of teachers, in which the professional knowledge is communicated by the teacher who is positively participating in physical education and shared with all staff in their school.

2. It is considered that it is necessary to make climate that teachers are easy to participate in the in-service training and meeting for study out of a school and get financial support from local educational authorities.
Physical education class
In-service teacher
Primary school teacher