Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 17
2011-03-20 発行


A Report on Overseas Teaching Practicum 2010 by Graduate Students in Elementary / Secondary Schools in the United States (IV)
Nagae, Ayako
Uchida, Takeru
Umeda, Yuki
Oshita, Mariko
Sawaguchi, Haruhiko
Shimizu, Noriko
Shomoto, Keiko
Fujimoto, Shoko
Yamanaka, Noriko
Kogura, Emi
Maeda, Aya
The aim of the present paper is to report and reflect on the teaching practice in elementary / middle schools in the United States by a group of Japanese graduate students. As part of the requirement in an elective course in Overseas Teaching Practice 2010, the 8 Learning Science major students and 2 Social Studies major students of Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Education, planned and gave lessons in English on Japanese society and culture in the public school classrooms in the State of North Carolina, the United States in September, 2010. The major achievements in all the participants were 1) development of learning materials to enhance crosscultural understanding, 1) empowerment of crosscultural understanding through comparisons of Japanese/American cultures, and 3) development of global communicative competence through observations and presentations. Furthermore, an overall program evaluation was held for next year's program.