Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 17
2011-03-20 発行

地質野外実習プログラムの開発とその実践 : 火成岩の産状および断裂系に注目して

Development of a Geological Field Observation Program and the Practice Focusing on Observing Method of Igneous rocks and Fracture system
Students of science teacher training course have knowledge about classification method of igneous rocks, intrusive rocks and faults already, however many students can't identify rocks and can't classify a fault as joints at the outcrops. As many geological phenomenons show many varieties, it's necessary to learn earth science with field observation as well as textbooks. In order to develop a new field observation program focusing on getting view point of igneous rocks and fracture system, we have chosen the Motoujina area in Hiroshima City as a most suitable site and we have conducted field study for those students.