Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 17
2011-03-20 発行

にこにこルームの学習支援が小学生に及ぼす効果(4) : 平成20年度前期から21年度後期までの小学生と保護者を対象とした調査

Effects of Niko Niko Room's educational support on school children (4) : Survey results of school children and their parents who participated in the programs between the first semester of 2008 and the second semester of 2009
Kojima, Nanae
Yamada, Kyoko
Kifune, Noriyuki
Toyama, Chie
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of an educational support program on school children who participated in the programs held between the first semester of 2008 and the second semester of 2009. The educational support program was held at the Niko Niko Room which is a clinic of school psychology at the Center for School Education and Research of Hiroshima University. Data of 57 school children who answered questionnaires before and after the program, and their 57 guardians who answered questionnaires only after the program were used for the analysis. Results showed that the educational support program had a positive effect on the children's "self-efficacy regarding arithmetic". Both children and their guardians highly evaluated the students' abilities who gave actual support to the children. Also, when the students' abilities are highly perceived, children's "interests in arithmetic‘" were also highly perceived. Overall, the effects of the educational support program were positively evaluated by both the children and their guardians.