Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 17
2011-03-20 発行

カウンセリング技法を活用した協同学習の効果検討 : 導入期における成果と課題

A Study of Counseling Based Corporative Learning : Results and Issues in the Introductory Period of Corporative Learning
Makino, Takashi
Bridget, Ericson Yukiko
This study shows issue of guidance of introducing cooperative learning. Before, during and after practicing eight-weeks counseling based cooperative learning model, 25 items questionnaire are administered 287 pupils who commute junior high school in Hiroshima-city. We find 4 factors - "cooperative skills", "learning efficacy", "pleasure of lessons" and "learning forwardness" - by factor analysis.Then we divide this data into low-scores, middle scores and high scores, and do Analysis of Variance. As a result, we find mutual interaction in all 4 factors, and we find effect of counseling based cooperative leaning model in low scores group.This study demonstrates how important improving guidance of communication and regulating of exercise level while introducing cooperative learning.