Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 15
2009-03-20 発行

模擬授業を複数回実施することの効果に関する事例的研究 : ソフトバレーボールを教材として

A Case Study on the Effect of the Consecutive Trial Teachings : Use of Soft Volley Ball as Teaching Contents
Murai, Jun
Matsuda, Yasusada
This study aims to consider following two points through the trial teachings in "Teaching Contents of Elementary Physical Education" in Hiroshima University of Elementary School Teacher Education Program. One is to consider effect of planning and practicing consecutive trial teachings. The other is to consider students' understanding of motor skills and teaching technique through the consecutive trial teachings. The results are summarized as follows. 1. Students realized that their practicing were improving. 2. Consecutive trial teachings gave students consciousness to relate first trial teaching to second trial teaching. In addition, they gave students effect to reflect on their trial teachings. 3. Students' consciousness of problems to be solved at first trial teaching is different from that at second trial teaching because of teaching contents and teaching skills.