Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 15
2009-03-20 発行

教員養成段階で行う体育の模擬授業の効果に関する事例研究(その2) : テスト映像を視聴した学生が気づいた体育授業の要素

A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Trial Teaching in Physical Education for the Initial Teacher Training (Part II) : The Elements that Students Find out through Watching the Film of Teaching in Physical Education
Murai, Jun
Kadomoto, Hitoshi
Xie, Juan
Matsushita, Atsushi
Lin, Nan
Matsuda, Yasusada
This study aims to clarify the effect of trial teaching in "Teaching Method Primary Physical Education 1" of Hiroshima University from the viewpoint if students were able to find out elements of the physical education teaching by observing a trial teaching in physical education.

The results are summarised as follows,

1. It seems that students were able to find out elements of the physical education as teaching skill for organization of "child's learning" more concretely by having experienced the role of a teacher and a student. Besides, it seems that students could be aware of "teacher's attitude" by having heard the lecture of "attitude as the teacher" in the guidance for the school experiences in addition to experience of the trial teaching.

2. Because students played the role of pupils in a trial teaching, it was difficult that they could find out "child's learning" and "gathering and moving". However, these elements are important elements in physical education teaching at the school experiences of the elementary school. It is necessary to explain importance of these elements further through thinking of the difference of the trial teaching with the school experiences at the feedback meeting of the trial teaching.

3. Generally, it can be said that the analyzed trial teaching was effective from the viewpoint of noticing the element of physical education by observing the physical education teaching. However, there is the problem that the feedback meeting of the trial teaching have to be improved in order to make students find out the element of "child's learning" and "gathering and transfer" in physical education teaching.
trial teaching
initial teacher training
physical education