Hiroshima journal of school education
Volume 15
Date of Issue:2009-03-20
current number
ISSN : 1341-111X
Publisher : Center for School Education Research and Development, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Trial Teaching in Physical Education for the Initial Teacher Training (Part II) : The Elements that Students Find out through Watching the Film of Teaching in Physical Education
Kihara, Seiichirou; Murai, Jun; Kadomoto, Hitoshi; Xie, Juan; Matsushita, Atsushi; Lin, Nan; Matsuda, Yasusada;
PP. 29 - 37
A Case Study on the Effect of the Consecutive Trial Teachings : Use of Soft Volley Ball as Teaching Contents
Murai, Jun; Matsuda, Yasusada; Kihara, Seiichiro;
PP. 39 - 48