Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 14
2008-03-20 発行


Development of a Teaching Material for the Field Work at the Terrace Paddy Field
Hirose, Miyuki
Ohmura, Yoshihito
In the present study, the flora and fauna around the terrace paddy field (Hiroshima City, Ato-cho) were investigated to make the field map. The investigation area was divided into nine points distinguished by the difference of the environment. The lists of animals and plants were recorded from May to December. As the result, 118 species of herbs, 45 species of trees, 10 species of ferns, 78 species of arthropods and 27 species of vertebrates were recognized. It was suggested that the action of the insect relate to the distribution and appearing of plants which have secreted honey or been larva's foods. The field map was developed based on the flora and fauna, and devised to correspond to various activities.