Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 14
2008-03-20 発行


On the Effect of Implementation of Teaching Experience upon Development of the Capacity of Teaching Motor Skills (II)
Matsuda, Yasusada
Murai, Jun
This study aims to clarify what kinds of contents are considered as important by the students who planned and carried out trial teaching of physical education, and to grasp both the contents examined in advanced and those of their reflection on trial teaching, based on case descriptions. The lesson which this study discussed was the lecture on Learning-Materials of PE during the 4th semester in 2005 at the Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University. In this lesson, mat exercises and soft volleyball were performed for trial teaching. The subjects were ninety-three students. The questionnaire was accomplished after the implementation of teaching experiences.

The results were as follows: 1) The content which the students considered as most important before the trial teaching was to grasp motor skills, and their direction and explanation of the method of motor was secondarily important. The importance of the teaching materials and teaching tools and that of keeping safety were influenced according to physical activities. In soft volleyball, keeping safety was regarded thirdly important, but fourthly important in mat exercises. 2) The analysis of the students' case descriptions showed their direction and explanation of motor and their grasp of motor skills were mutually related. Keeping safety was considered in the light of warming up before the trial teaching, but afterward, they reported that close relationship between the preparation for the lesson and its teaching contents should have been considered for keeping safety.