Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 12
2006-03-20 発行

家庭生活事象に対する学習者の認識をふまえた授業開発 : 家事労働に関する認識の変容を促す授業の提案

An Instruction Plan of the Class Based on the Learners' Awareness of Their Home Life Phenomenon : A Proposal of Teaching Practice to Facilitate the Transformation of Awareness about Household Work
Kishi, Noriko
We developed and implemented an instruction plan that intended to transform learners' awareness about household work. We analyzed the scenario to solve problems concerning household work and the work sheet to examine awareness transformation about household work. We found some kinds of awareness transformation about household work over 90% of the students through our lessons. As a.result, we recognized the learning effects of three instructional materials and group discussion. Six points of view about awareness transformation were elicited. There were gender difference concerning the willingness to acquire information and skills serve as a basis for household work.