Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 12
2006-03-20 発行


Practice of Experience and Study Activities Dealing with the Living Thing of the Sea and the Beach (4)
Torigoe, Kenji
It seemed that the original nature experience that had been left was very little though the student in recent years had the experience in secondary nature environment that the modification management is artificially done by on the safety side etc. They were things that the sea was not felt familiar or the experience was extremely scarce though lived in the island nation it was possible to say by common in this practice. It was enumerated that they became familiar the sea, and had come to consider the environment of the sea in addition strongly by experiencing the practical study. The high school student's activity was interested also in the experience activity by the outdoors though was in relations to the content of the high school biology the keen interest. The university student interested in non-daily dragnet itself, and it seems that they enriched their experienced activity with the positively participation. The feeling of the sea when snorkeling is experienced because of this practice, and more familiar saying that it will want the time of snorkeling have come out in each those who experience.