Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 12
2006-03-20 発行

よい美術教育をつくる7つの指針(Part II) : 「美術の教育」と「美術による教育」に焦点化して

Seven Guiding Principles in Designing Good Art Education (Part II) : Focusing on "Education for Art" and "Education through Art"
I make a point of saying that absolutely essential conditions for good art education consist of "Education for Art" and "Education through Art." It is out of supposition if you place too much emphasis on or miss one of them.

Above all, we should never lose the idea of "Education through Art" directly linked to character formation. Because this is the first and ultimate ground for the art education that remains at the compulsory education stage; this was so in the past and will be so in the future.

However, I see the disfavorable reality that the idea of "Education through Art" has not been ingrained yet when my heart goes out to "the present" of art education and "the past and the future."

Why has not it been ingrained? In the paper I begin by examining this issue focusing on the history of the description of "the objective of the subject" and others in the Course of Study.