Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 11
2005-03-20 発行


Practice of Experience and Study Activities Dealing with the Living Thing of the Sea and the Beach (3)
Torigoe, Kenji
Yamauchi, Takeo
Ohshika, Kiyoyuki
The contents of two practices differ and practical periods also differ. The following can be considered although it may not be right to compare each practice. If a student can be provided with the matter which is the contents which cannot be carried out within school education on account of time although learned with the textbook of a living thing, and is deeply concerned with the contents of a lesson through experience activities in organizations including a university, the knowledge in connection with the contents of a textbook is connected organically, an understanding deepens and the learned contents may serve as effective intellectual property. If experience activities are utilized well, the student of any environment will give an opportunity to be positively concerned with the contents of activity, and, as a result, knowledge will become useful from new experience. It is thought that it could have confidence in the faculty course selection by having experienced the taste of the research activities, and learning will is stimulated by it for students. Although he thought that it considered "Lessen the contents and touch the contents of experience calmly in this year", since the former was a short period of time and the latter was approach of a typhoon, it cannot but reflect on the point of having stuffed the contents of practice. When saying that students will search for the contents more deeply, they shifted to the following contents, and carried out and needed. We want to perform such activity continuously and to continue to offer good experience and study activities for students.