Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 11
2005-03-20 発行

地域の水環境をテーマとした総合的な学習の時間における取り組み : 東広島市立西条小学校4年生の事例

Period for Integrated Study through the Water-Environment Study : A Case of the Fourth Grader in Saijo Elementary School
Kihara, Masahiro
Nishida, Sachiko
Une, Eriko
In this paper, the programs for the water environment study were presented. Recently, various programs or activities have been tried for the water environment studies. However, the most of them were restricted in only the learner's school area. Few learners have discussed about relationship between their life styles and the environment of their own area, or relationship between their environment and that of neighboring area. Therefore, the programs for the integrated study including water environment as a subject were examined and discussed to clarify problems for learners and teachers. As the result, it is suggested that development of new program or supporting method designed to be whole area of the river system was necessary. A support system which utilized the web pages was proposed in the present study.