Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 11
2005-03-20 発行

子どもへの言葉かけに関する研究 : 「ほめ」と「叱り」に着目して

A Study on Verbal Communication to Children with Special Reference to "Praises" and "Reproofs"
Misaki, Chihiro
In this paper, we analyzed "praises" and "reproofs" which we receive in our childhood from the two points of view; one is linguistic aspects and the other is psychological aspects such as self-esteem.

Firstly, we pointed out that there were several types of expressions which are used to perform these acts. And each type of expressions had a different effect on the feelings of the receiver. With regard to the contents of those expressions, we found out that parents and teachers have different roles in each act. While parents teach children social rules referring to children's personalities, teachers teach students social rules referring to their significance in the groups. Secondly, we also pointed out that the feelings against "praises" and "reproofs" are different according to the receivers' self-esteem.

Since "praises" and "reproofs" given by parents and teachers have powerful effects on children, we must be careful when we perform these acts. Especially, as this paper pointed out, the linguistic aspects and the children's self-esteem emotions should be considered when these acts are performed.