Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 10
2004-03-20 発行


Experience and Study Activities Dealing with the Basic Marine Biology at the Sea and the Sea Shore (2)
Torigoe, Kenji
The three contents of enforcement differ and enforcement periods also differ. The following can be considered although it may not be right to compare each practice. If experience activities are utilized well, the student of any environment will give an opportunity to be positively concerned with the contents of activity, and, as a result, knowledge will become useful from new experience. If a student can be provided with the matter which is the contents which cannot be performed in a school and is deeply concerned with the contents of a lesson in organizations including a university, knowledge is connected organically, serves as wisdom and may serve as effective intellectual property for sound civil society even not only at the knowledge in connection with the contents of a textbook but at the field in connection with an actual life. Especially fishing also becomes the change of air in the intervals of an experiment, and is indispensable activity on the beach. Anyhow, all the members were enjoying fishing in a certain form. When periods are long exercise activities, it is thought by taking in such activity in the whole activity appropriately that experience and study activities are made more active.