Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 10
2004-03-20 発行


Contents and Practices for Learning "Information Networks and Communications" in Subject of "Information C" in High Schools
Tokuda, Makoto
According to the education ministry's curriculum guideline given on March 1999, "Information A", "Information B" and "Information C" have been newly established as the comprehensive subjects in high schools. And contents of the information education have been remarkably augmented for the personnel training to adapt to the development of the information society. The information education has been further expanded, which mainly composed of three viewpoints, "Practices of information utilization", "Scientific apprehension of information" and "Attitude participating in the information society".

In this paper, the subject of "Information C" in high schools is picked up, and "Information and Networks and Communications" is treated as the core part of consideration. Then the contents of learning focusing on "Scientific apprehension of information" are considered, and it is shown that studies on "Scientific apprehension of information" play a role of efficiently influencing on the training of "Practices of information utilization" and "Attitude participating in the information society". Moreover the effectiveness and the problems are clarified through a part of the practices.