Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 10
2004-03-20 発行

再考「3H美術教育のススメ」(3) : 3H美術教育確立のための3要件

A Reconsideration of 3-H Art Education (3) : Three Requisites for the Establishment of 3-H Art Education
In the present author's earlier article "A reconsideration of 3-H art education (1)", he argued why it is necessary to reconsider 3-H art education now and also revisited the issues such as the interpretation of each 'H' and the validity of a relational model of 3-Hs. Based upon his earlier discussion, his later article "A reconsideration of 3-H art education (2)" made clearer his theoretical stance on art and art education by referring to the contextual validity of appraising 3-H art education. The present article, based upon his two earlier studies, summarized the three requisites to realize 3-H art education: 1) art education supported by adequate views on art education, 2) art education for children, and 3) art education with rich environment for art and design. Furthermore, in order to clarify each of the requisites, the author showed some concrete examples of what and how to teach by referring to his past teaching experiences. All those quoted examples are, in his belief, representative of a concrete idea of his 3-H art education.