Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 10
2004-03-20 発行

エコミュージアムの発想に基づく「学校・家庭・地域の連携」 : 福富町立久芳小学校における水辺を生かした生活科学習を事例として

Cooperation of School, Home and Community Based on the Idea of Eco Museum : In the Case of the Lessons of Life Environment Studies at Kuba Elementary School
The actual situation of education makes the importance of cooperation of school, home and community great. The aim of this paper is to show the schema and strategy of cooperation of them. Through the lessons of Life Environment Studies we found that the idea of Eco Museum help us make cooperative relationship among them. According to the idea of Eco Museum, we can regard our region as a classroom for learning. We can use many persons, places, natures and social institutions as effective teaching materials.