Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 1
1995-03-20 発行

広島市における総合保育の実態調査(1) : 保育上の困難点や対応方法を中心として

An Investigation of the Realities of Nursery Schools Practicing Integration in Hiroshima City (1) : Focusing on the Difficulties and Worries in Nursing
The main purposes of this study were to investigate difficulties and worries in nursing by using questionnaires, and to examine the way of solving those problems. The subjects were nurses working in the nursery schools in Hiroshima city. And numbers of nurses and nursery schools were respectively 91 and 49. We investigated the number of children with handicaps, age of them, sex distinction, type and degree of handicaps, etc. And we asked concrete contents of difficulties and worries.

The findings were as follows:

1. There were many difficulties in nursing, and some variations of difficulties according to a type of handicaps (mental retardation, Down's syndrome, autistic disorder).

2. Experienced nurses tried to understand the feelings of children with handicaps and to meet their requirements correctly. And also, they led children positively and confidently. But, inexperienced nurses had a great many worries and hesitations in nursing.

3. All of the nurses were pressed by nursing, so they couldn't afford to grasp the individual characters of each children.