Hiroshima journal of school education Volume 1
1995-03-20 発行

教員養成学部生の教職志望動機, 教職適性感及び習得適性の変容に関する追跡研究(IV)

A Longitudinal Study on the Changes in Students' Teacher Aptitudes
Takahashi, Susumu
Kohyama, Takaya
Ishii, Shinji
The purpose of this longitudinal study was to examine the changes in students' cognition of teacher aptitudes, motivation, and fitness judgement of becoming teachers during 4 years university education. Senior students, who experienced the teaching practice and the examination for service, were focussed in this report. The skills which aquired through the teaching practice and lectures, their cognition of teacher aptitude, self-evaluation of their aptitude to teacher were examined and discussed in this report.