Higher Education Forum Volume 14
2017-03 発行

Secondary School Pupils’ Achievements for Success in University Admissions: How a British secondary school evaluates pupils to expand their career path?

Matsubara, Naomi
University admissions are vital issues for secondary schools both in the United Kingdom and Japan; however, the qualifications for applicants are disparate in the two countries. Universities in the United Kingdom require applicants’ academic performance as well as various achievements that relate to their chosen courses, while Japanese universities place great importance on entrance examination marks. This disparity in university admissions naturally contributes to the different types of secondary school education. This paper, whose author was born and raised in Japan, focuses on a British independent secondary school’s evaluation method. The research clarifies the school evaluates a wide range of academic and non-academic activities through multiple open means which is in explicit contrast with Japanese schools’ closed evaluation methods. In addition, by interviewing Japanese pupils who have experienced both Japanese and British education demonstrates the effectiveness of the British visible appreciation leading pupils to successful academic career paths.
academic performance
extra-curricular activities
independent school
personal statement
secondary school