The Hiroshima University studies, Graduate School of Letters Volume 79
2019-12-25 発行

菅原道真仮託歌集『瑠璃壺之詠歌百首』(架蔵・巻子本) : 翻刻と解題

“Ruritsubo no Eika Hyakushu” (Collection, Kansubon (Scroll-book)) An anthology of poems attributed to Sugawara no Michizane: Reprinting and Bibliography
“Ruritsubo no Eika Hyakushu,” one of the poetry anthologies attributed to Sugawara no Michizane, has been reprinted from a kansubon (scroll-book) from the author’s collection, with bibliographical notes added.
This book is classified under the category known as “A-system” according to Professor Kazuto Takei’s research. Previously, there were only four known collections of Sugawara no Michizane’s works - the collections at Ryukoku University, Tohoku University, Jissen Women’s University, and Toyama City Library. The reprinting of this kansubon (scroll-book) marks the discovery of the fifth collection. The special characteristics of this book are that it is the only kansubon (scroll-book), and its transcript is from 1729, which is the oldest known transcript. The other transcript whose year can be identified is the one at Tohoku University, which is from 1753.
The differences in the text between three of the collections, excluding the Jissen Women’s University’s collection, are described at the end of the book.