The Hiroshima University studies, Graduate School of Letters
Volume 78
Date of Issue:2018-12-25
current number
ISSN : 1347-7013
Publisher : Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University
How Did Hegel Understand the “Judgment”?: Hegel’s criticism of the traditional metaphysics
Hazama, Tomoki;
PP. 1 - 14
The Success Story of a Sorcerer: Lucian’s Alexander, the False Prophet
Maeno, Hiroshi;
PP. 15 - 41
Theaterreform in der Frühen Neuzeit des deutschen 18. Jahrhunderts: Caroline Neubers Vorspiele und Versuche der Neuber Truppe
Kobayashi, Ekiko;
PP. 43 - 55
Lorrillard, Olivier;
PP. 57 - 73
A Study of the Syntactic Structure in Old Japanese: Kakari musubi Construction at Man'yôshû
Ueno, Takahumi;
PP. 75 - 106
Deformation of Marine Terraces and the Seafloor on and around Ishigaki Island Based on the Analysis of a Digital Elevation Model
Goto, Hideaki;
PP. 107 - 122
Li, Junyang; 張 錦;
PP. 123 - 141
A Study of the History of Textual Changes of Li Bai 李白’s Quiet Night Thought 静夜思: its Connection with Wei Wendi 魏文帝’s A Couple of Zashis 雜詩二首 Collected in Wen Xuan 文選
Chen, Chong;
PP. 59 - 70
Reprint of “Sugawara Zo-Dajoudaijin Kashū” (The Waka Poetry of Sugawara-no-Michizane), with an Annotated Bibliography
Seno, Yoshinobu;
PP. 43 - 58
A Chronological Record of Narushima Nobuyuki’s Career (18)
Kubota, Keiichi;
PP. 23 - 41
Yuefu Poems by Ru Ji: about Shang Liu Tian Xing
Sato, Toshiyuki; Liu, Jinpeng;
PP. 1 - 21