The Hiroshima University studies, Graduate School of Letters
Volume 68
Date of Issue:2008-12
current number
ISSN : 1347-7013
Publisher : Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University
A Study on Aged People : What is the image of old people from a viewpoint of bioethics?
Matsui, Fumio;
PP. 1 - 14
Peasant Economy of the Chugoku Mountains Area in the Second Half of Early Modern Times
Nakayama, Tomihiro;
PP. 15 - 35
Strategy for Developing Industry and Locating Factories in an Economically Backward State of India : Focusing on an 'Industrial Belt' in Uttarakhand
Tomozawa, Kazuo;
PP. 57 - 76
李, 国栋;
PP. 77 - 93
Two or More Layers on the Aspect for Material of Guiding Marks for Rendering Chinese into Japanese : Daibirusyanakoudaijoujugiki of the To-ji Kanchi-in Temple Owning
Matsumoto, Mitsutaka;
PP. 69 - 84
A Chronological Record of Narushima Nobuyuki's Career (10)
Kubota, Keiichi;
PP. 53 - 67
A Study of Manuscript of Yukio Mishima's Kinkakuji : Kashiwagi, Roushi, and Kinkaku
Arimoto, Nobuko; Nakamoto, Saori; Ohnishi, Hisaaki;
PP. 33 - 51
桥本, 敬司;
PP. 11 - 32
Satou, Toshiyuki;
PP. 1 - 9