Bulletin of the Department of Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, Hiroshima University Issue 28
2018 発行

「美味しさ」を表す言語的表現と共起する非言語的表現 : テレビ番組に見られる表現に着目して

Linguistic Expressions on "Tastiness" and Co-occurring Nonverbal Behaviors: Focusing on Expressions seen on a TV program
Cheng, Li-le
Gong, Fang-zhou
Iwai, Misato
In this research, we analyzed the relations between linguistic expressions expressing "Tastiness" and co-occurring nonverbal expressions for the TV program. The linguistic expressions expressing "Tastiness" has been revealed in the previous researches. However, in this research, it became clear that "General evaluation expressions" are most used among linguistic expressions. In addition, when "Tastiness" is expressed, it was found that the nonverbal behaviors "Gaze" co-occurs most frequently. Regarding co-occurrence of linguistic expressions expressing "Tastiness" and nonverbal behaviors, it has been revealed that there are some linguistic expressions which tend to co-occur with nonverbal behaviors such as "Exclamation expressions". It was also seen that verbal expressions such as "Taste expressions" and "Olfactory expression" usually co-occur with certain nonverbal behaviors. While "General evaluation expressions" co-occur with various nonverbal behaviors.
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