Bulletin of the Department of Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, Hiroshima University Issue 26
2016-03-25 発行

いわゆる〈発見〉の「タ」に関わる考察 : 「スル」形と「シタ」形の使用に着目して

Ta as an Expression of the Relationship between Speaker and Events in Japanese
Chosa, Hideki
Recent studies have sought to explain the use of hakken no ta (“ta of discovery”) in Japanese in terms of a function of tense. However, this viewpoint is unable to explain some data. In this paper, which follows the theory of Sadanobu (2004a), we clarify that even events that include a ‘‘state verb’’ can sometimes be interpreted as dynamic events. In such cases, the use of the -ru form can also be close in meaning to hakken no ta. Further, we conclude that the nuanced use of hakken is explained by the relationship between the speaker’s recognition and actual events.
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