Bulletin of the Department of Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, Hiroshima University Issue 25
2015-03-25 発行

シャドーイングにおける事前課題が遂行成績に及ほす影響 : 音読とリスニングの比較を通して

Effects of Pre-tasks on Shadowing Score: Comparison of Oral Reading with Listening
Han, Xiao
Ye, Zi
Tome, Moriyuki
Sato, Tomoaki
This study aimed to investigate the effects of two kinds of pre-task on shadowing scores by comparing oral reading with listening. Sixteen Chinese learners of advanced Japanese were divided into two groups-listening or oral reading. The participants were initially asked to do a shadowing pre-task individually in their separate groups; they then undertook the full shadowing task. They were finally asked to recall the general ideas contained in the text used in the shadowing. From a comparison of the differences in accuracy with the shadowing, the type and quantity of errors with respect to the shadowing, and the subjects' recollection of the article content, the following conclusions were derived. (1) For these learners, their recall of the original text was more accurate-especially with regard to expression-after they had completed the pre-task (oral reading or listening). However, no differences were observed regarding accuracy and types and quantity of errors related to shadowing between participants who had completed the pre-task and those who had not. (2) In terms of expression, subjects in the oral reading group who took the pre-task had a more accurate recollection of the text than those in the listening group. From the results of a questionnaire given to the participants after the test, it was apparent that the listening pre-task provided better understanding than the oral reading pre-task.
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