The Hiroshima University studies, Graduate School of Letters, Special Issues Volume 74
2014-12 発行

日本列島と周辺海域を統合した詳細地形アナグリフ : 解説と地図

Detailed Topographic Anaglyph Images in and around Japan Island Produced from Digital Elevation Model
Anaglyph images with red-cyan glasses enable to recognize topographic relief easily not for public but also scientific research. Goto (2012) introduced topographic anaglyph images for inland produced by the use of the 10-m-mesh digital elevation model (DEM) of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) covering all the territory of Japan. Goto (2013) also exhibited the topographic anaglyph images for seafloor around Japan Islands produced by using the 1-second-mesh (approximately 30 m) DEM provided by the Japan Coast Guard. Interpretation of these images is significantly useful for active fault research. For instance, Goto and Sugito (2012) reported discovery of several unknown active faults on land, and Izumi et al. (2013) showed the distribution of submarine active faults along the eastern margin of the Japan Sea.  

The aim of this paper is to show detailed topographic anaglyph images produced from the 5-m-mesh and 10-m-mesh inland DEM of GSI as well as the 1-second-mesh DEM on the shallow seafloor. These datasets are currently the most detailed DEM open to public. The published area for 5-m-mesh DEM of GSI, according to the Basic Act on Promotion of Utilization of Geographical Information started in 2007 is still about 45 percent of the territory of Japan as of 2013. So the 5-m and 10-m resolution meshes are combined for inland. The 1-second-mesh DEM on seafloor is re-processed from digital bathymetric charts, with 1 to 2 meter interval counters of the Japan Hydrographic Association because the insufficient preparation of detailed DEM from direct data acquisition such as acoustic prospecting/seismic profiling.
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数値標高モデル (DEM)
digital elevation model (DEM)
Japan Islands
tectonic geomorphology
submarine topography