The Hiroshima University studies, Graduate School of Letters, Special Issues Volume 65 Issue 2
2005-12-26 発行

Mitte a terlicheEpikundihreErforschung in Japan und den deutschsprachigen Ländern

Shitanda, So
In this paper, I try to deal with the problem of cultural characteristic in the area of German medieval studies in Japan, especially with the studies of the genre of German medieval epic.

My work is divided into four sections: In the first section, the statistic of reception of medieval German literature in Japan is dealt with. In the second section, the studies of German medieval epic in Japan are discussed; especially the studies of the "Tristan" of Gottfried von Strassburg are dealt with.In the third section, the problems of cultural conflict are discussed. In the fourth section, this paper is summarized and I take stock of the analysis of the studies of medieval German epic in Japan and of cultural conflicts in medieval German literature.
Mittelalterliche Epik
Gottfrieds „Tristan"
Kulturelle Konflikte