Hiroshima Psychological Research
Issue 5
Date of Issue:2006-03-30
current number
ISSN : 1347-1619
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
Affective responses to evaluative expectancy confirmation and violation in person perception
Higa, Shohei; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 1 - 15
Effect of the evaluative characteristics of forewarning on persuasion and its mediating processes
Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 17 - 27
A role of negative and positive thoughts to persuade
Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 29 - 36
A comparison of the environmental consciousnessb etween Chinese and Japanese university students
Yu, Liling; Fukada, Hiromi; Tozuka, Tadashi;
PP. 37 - 50
Examination of scales measuring reactance traits
Takamoto, Yukiko; Yoshimi, Kohei; Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 51 - 68
Influence of sex and gender on cellular phone call and cellula rphone mail
Kurosumi, Kenta; Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 69 - 92
Effect on the receiver's state-anxiety by the sender's use of emoticon. the receiver's sex. and the receiver's trait-anxiety under the condition of using a cellular phone mail
Takahashi, Yoshiko; Fukada, Hiromi; Akimitsu, Keiko;
PP. 93 - 107
Effect of attitude-consistent threats on the acceptance of various attitudinal positions
Yamaka, Reiko; Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 109 - 117
Effetcts of early childhood experience of English on EngIish learning ability : Examination by nonword repetition tests.
Sekiguchi, Michihiko; Yuzawa, Masamichi;
PP. 119 - 129
Social skills education with the learning through work experience in a junior high school
Kanayama, Motoharu; Nakadai, Sakiko; Emura, Rina; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 131 - 148
The effect of classroom-based social skills education for junior high school students
Emura, Rina; Kanayama, Motoharu; Nakadai, Sakiko; Niimi, Naoko; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 149 - 159
Effects of popularity and characteristics of social behavior on free forming groups in young children
Etchu, Koji; Emura, Rina; Mekuta, Junichi; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 161 - 167
Preschoolers' judgments about turning blind eyes to aggression
Etchu, Koji; Ayukawa, Junko; Emura, Rina; Niimi, Naoko; Mekuta, Junichi; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 169 - 175
Effects of recipients' effort and ability factors on preschoolers' reward allocation
Etchu, Koji; Fujisawa, Yasue; Niimi, Naoko; Emura, Rina; Mekuta, Junichi; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 177 - 185
Effects of anger-coping strategies on anger-calming
Mekuta, Junichi; Etchu, Koji; Takishita, Masako; Emura, Rina; Niimi, Naoko; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 187 - 194
The relationship between marital satisfaction and respect for wife in middle aged couples
Okamoto, Yuko; Murata, Tomoko;
PP. 195 - 209
Emotional and non-emotional word lists for investigating the speech process of emotional words
Kobayashi, Yukari; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 211 - 217
Validation of teacher-rated problem-behaviors scale for preschool children
Kanayama, Motoharu; Nakadai, Sakiko; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 219 - 223